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FAQs About Mr Snacks Self Serve Snack Boxes

Which products are stocked in the Snack boxes?
Answer: Mr Snacks stocks market-leading products in the medium bar range from Nestle, Kit Kat, Chokito, Milky Bar, Cadbury, Picnic, Crunchie, Twirl, Honey Logs, Turkish Delight. Mars, Snickers, Maltesers, and M&M’s. We also have Nibblebags, Health Bars, and more. These are just a select few of our exclusive products. If there’s something else you want, please ask!

What are the advantages of having a Mr Snacks self-serve snack box in the work place?
Answer: There are several benefits to supplying staff with quality market-leading treats:

  • Boost productivity and avoid downtime. If you’ve got a Mr Snacks snack box, staff won’t need to leave work for treats.
  • Support local charity: Danny’s Bus – Feeding Hobart’s Homeless (Mr Snacks is a proud major supporter of Danny’s Bus.)
  • Snacks improve productivity when energy is getting low.
  • Mr Snacks doesn’t charge you to display our snack boxes.
  • No contracts to sign!
  • Convenience. We take care of the box and the stocking of the snacks.

What areas does Mr Snacks serve?
Answer: Mr Snacks has been serving the Hobart area and surrounding suburbs since 2008.

How much do the snacks cost?
Answer: Chocolate bars, cookies, lolly bags, and nibble bags are a low price of $2.20 each.

Who is responsible for the snack box and its contents?
Answer: Mr Snacks is fully responsible for the Snack box and its contents
All we ask is that the workplace staff pay for what they have taken.

Can we have a box of our favourite products made up at any time?
Answer: Absolutely! Just ask one of our friendly drivers for any special mix you require.

Do you offer have any healthy work place snack options?
Answer: Yes. We can provide you with a health box, too. Mr Snacks health boxes contain four varieties of Nibble Bags, health bars, and more.

How often will you service our Snack box?
Answer: We will service your snack box as often as needed. Our average cycle is a visit every 3 weeks, leaving you enough stock for the cycle. If you think you’ll use more product, we can leave more than one box.

What if our box is empty and we need a refill sooner?
Answer: Call or email us! We’ll restock as soon as possible (usually within 2 business days.)

What is your relationship with the Danny’s Bus?
Answer: Mr Snacks is a major supporter of Danny’s Bus. We donate time and financial support to Danny’s Bus. We also regularly donate snacks, chips, chocolates, and other food to help Danny’s Bus feed the homeless. Staff members volunteer and we participate in fundraising as well. Mr Snacks is fully committed to lifting the profile of Danny’s Bus & helping the charity feed more of Hobart’s homeless.

Do you have further questions? Feel free to contact us for answers.