Learn about how vending machine and snack box supplier Mr Snacks supports local charity Danny’s Bus. Danny’s bus helps feed Hobart’s homeless.

Mr Snacks firmly believes in giving back to the community. This is why we support a local charity – Danny’s Bus. Danny’s Bus is a mobile soup, sandwich, and hot drink service that has been operating in Hobart for over 14 Years.

Danny’s Bus was founded by Danny Walker. Danny gathered some friends and members of his local church and set about creating this volunteer service to “Help Hobart’s Homeless”.

This service is offered every Friday and Saturday nights in Glenorchy and Hobart CBD area. The service helps feeds a diverse cross-section of people in our community who are living a life on the streets of Hobart.

Danny’s Bus and its staff of dedicated volunteers do more than help feed Hobart’s homeless. They also offer a sympathetic ear and encouragement when it is needed most. Hobart’s homeless live on the streets for a variety of reasons: marriage break ups, sexual abuse, lack of employment opportunities, mental & emotional problems stemming from an unhappy childhood, and so on. A lot of the men that Danny’s Bus volunteers talk to describe relationship breakdowns and being refused access to their children. This can lead to dejected and depressed feelings, often leading to alcohol or drugs abuse for emotional comfort. Of course this only leads them to more problems and a life that spirals completely out of control.

Danny’s Bus Needs Support
Danny’s Bus is self-funded and not to be confused with Louie’s Van. Louie’s Van receives a Government grant subsidy whereas Danny’s Bus does not. Danny’s Bus is funded totally by donations given from the community and major sponsors, such as Mr Snacks.

100% of all money Danny’s’ Bus receives goes directly to people who need it most. This ensures that your donation will help feed Hobart’s Homeless. Volunteers do not receive a salary. When you donate to Danny’s Bus, rest 100% assured that all your donations will directly benefit the Homeless in Hobart.

Danny’s Bus needs your help & support to keep up with the ever-growing number of people who are on the streets. Can you help?
Please contact Danny Walker – 0407313059.