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Looking for vending machines, honesty boxes, or information about fundraising with chocolate? Welcome to Mr. Snacks!

We have been serving Tasmania since 2008. As specialists who focus on distributing snack boxes and vending machines throughout the Hobart area, we’re happy to serve your snacking needs. Read on to learn more about how we can help you as well as find out about what we’re doing in the local community and how you can get involved.

What do we do? Vending Machines, Office Snack Boxes, and More…

Does your business require a snack box or FREE vending machine in the Hobart and surrounding area? Mr. Snacks is Tasmania’s snack and vending machine specialist.

Workplace Snack Boxes

We offer delivery of workplace snack boxes.  Our honesty boxes contain market leading brands, including: from Mars, Nestle, Cadbury, and more. We also offer healthy snack options (available upon request) with nibble bags, health bars, and more.  Contact us to have a box dropped off.


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